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So we’re doomed either way?
Re: sadly, they will waste time on useless things. -- robertb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Ihavenoname ®

10/18/2022, 02:34:04

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I guess the backstabbing will continue until common sense improves. No, scratch that. Common sense has never been a thing in politics. 

At this point, more effort should be spend on battling tyranny at the state and local level. Hope might be at the lowest right now, but you can’t give up fighting. Gov DeSantis has shown there’s hope if the right people are elected. Not saying that you should pay less attention to the federal government, just lower your expectations and expect bad things. 

And what else can you do with the federal chambers (house and senate)? Many times, they are simply expensive and pointless clown shows paid for by us, the taxpayers. And we get to see our hard-earned tax dollars go to complete waste every time. Shame on them! 

I’d rather keep fighting for freedom than to submit now. Giving up is too easy and extremely regrettable (in some situations). Who knows what the future holds?

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