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sadly, they will waste time on useless things.
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Posted by: robertb ®

10/18/2022, 01:40:30

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They will hold hearings that have no value
They will point out facts that do not convince anything
They will send useless bills to Biden they know are going to be vetoed and they can't overide.
They will continue to give Ukraine (read industrial military complex) billions. 
They will  accomplish little to nothing that will restore the republic
They will make it twice as hard for a conservative to win the president race in 2024.

The MOST they will do is slow the destruction of all we hold dear.

It almost would be better to lose and thus bring on DeSantis as president in 2024 with a super majority in both chambers.

I am close to giving up and be satisfied that the End Times are close and none of this will matter anymore.

We are so far around the bend that I do not see a path back to normalcy. 

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