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Cue: Galadriel (to Frodo Baggins): There is always hope.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/18/2022, 07:02:57

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Two terrific posts from RB and IHNN, IMO. Dead spot on. My own moods fluctuate in regard to my attitude toward the future. Largely I concentrate on walking my own path and leaving the salvation of Humanity to Christ et al. 

I have been told, and I believe that in the larger sense, the battle is already won. 

Although Tolkien never admitted to any allegory in his work, I can't help but think the ring of power might be thought of as moral, rational ethos in the minds of human beings - those who hold true to the Ring are in a sense, alone against not just the world but the Universe of Chaos and Inequity - the animalistic, and sometimes even Satanic forces all around us.  

The fact that normal people and brilliant conservatives such as post here (serving as role models), actually CARE about how we are governed enough to become upset emotionally when confronted by infamy, gives me hope. 

Radical revolutionary socialists generally are not sane/smart enough to give a rat's ass about the effects of public policy. 

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