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Vegas investigative journalist murdered in front of home. Hmmmm.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/05/2022, 11:56:59

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Police: Las Vegas Journalist Dies in Stabbing outside Home |

I'll admit that there are sometimes pure coincidences. People like this reporter who covered a whole long list of people who might have motive, opportunity and resources to put a hit on him, may really have just pissed-off some random vagrant outside his residence and gotten shanked. Maybe it was a meth-head (meth is everywhere, commonly associated with second-degree urban murders) who didn't care for the reporter's attitude. 

Yet, I can't help but think of the vast number of people who might well want this guy dead and think that one of them could easily have taken advantage of possibility that the LVPD might swiftly classify it as a "random murder" and stop looking for any conspiracy.

How easy would it be for someone with means/connections or just a lot of hate who wants revenge, to hire a meth head or dress as a bum themselves? They could wait outside the target's residence then start a tussle, shank him. 'Takes about thirty seconds to murder someone with a knife if one is strong, brutal enough and knows what they're doing. No witnesses have come forward (at this time).  

Overworked, low-motivation detectives sometimes look for reasons to declare "random murder," do a cursory investigation, then shelve it permanently when no leads appear. 'Never comes up again.  

We may never really know if it was a hit. That's the problem with efficient assassins - if they are really good at it, they will leave no substantial leads for cops to follow. The longer the list of possible enemies, the less chance of finding out who dunnit. 

What I DO know is that if I were an "investigative reporter" covering politicians, organized-crime, dirty cops in Vegas, I'd wear body-armor with a plate, live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors within ten miles, move frequently and take a different route to/from work every day. I'd also buy/lease a bullet-proof (bomb-proof?) Humvee if I want to go driving around. Then hire a body-double to take it to the wash or mechanic. heh  

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