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Lost Angeles homicides continue at rate double previous six months.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/05/2022, 11:28:39

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For my own interest, I have continued to track the homicide (murder) rate in Lost Angeles since I stopped posting them on the forum a couple of weeks ago. The rate has not slowed. 

The rate has remained at two-per-day since I stopped posting about it. No less than 10% of homicides in L.A. recently have been self-defense (robbery/home-invasion). That last thing is strange indeed, at least according to hoplophobes who claim self-defense use of firearms "rarely or never actually happen". heh  Sure. They never happen. heh 

I'm not going to start listing details on murders again but the other trend of them being mostly UNSOLVED, is also continuing. The clearance-rate for murders this year is less than 50%, far below the national average. 

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