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Cue: Rev. Jesse Jackson: Affirmitah actchya (CRT)
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/25/2022, 17:21:20

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"...CSU admission standards going forward will "utilize a multi-factored admission criteria to determine student eligibility in lieu of standardized test scores."

The CSU administrators are not being specific. So you know it will be derived from Criminal Race Theory (Marxism). Whatever abstruse, idiotic nonsense they come up with to justify it, you know it will be the same old Bravo Sierra (far-left Marxist cronyism) they have pushed for decades, thinly disguised as "reform".

Degrees will be made easier for blacks, Latinos and other so called "minorities" to obtain while higher-achieving Caucasians and Asians will be persecuted, denied admission as they already are.

The dropout rate for most black/Latino Mexifornia state university students has always been around 75% or worse- for whites/Asians it's been around 35%. That means only one-in-three blacks/Latinos who are admitted to state college actually graduate with a degree.

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