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Very difficult to find published information about that.
Re: "That means only one-in-three blacks/Latinos who are admitted to state college actually graduate with a degree. " -- I would be surprised if it's actually that high. -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

03/26/2022, 18:43:39

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But the dirty little secret of college students is that the dropout rate is over 50% generally, so you know the rate is much higher for "minority" students. The numbers stated above were from my recollection of an article I read somewhere by a conservative commenting on what a royal anti-conservative-fanatic scam the college/university system has become.

I misstated the number above - I vaguely recall that the graduation rate for black/Latino college students is under 25% (one-in-four) which is of course 50% lower than the average for all students.

Only one-in-ten of the general population graduate from college the last time I checked. For blacks/Latinos it's got to be more like one-in-50.*

* It's the culture, not the color. People in lower-income demographics of all kinds tend to have the same poor graduation rates. Sub-culture predominates in many lower-income enclaves. Valuing edumacation (sic), thoughtfulness (in the literal sense) is not found much in lower-income demographics, so they often have a more-difficult time achieving (too much stress/disruption/distraction in their lives to concentrate on grades/studying).

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