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Mexifornia state college ends use of SATs and ACT scores for admissions.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

03/23/2022, 23:01:58

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California State University drops use of SATs, ACTs for admissions - CBS Los Angeles (

No doubt their intention is to make the suspension of using standardized testing due to the excuse of C-19 permanent - (never let a crisis go to waste). 

For decades anti-conservative fanatics have quoted Karl Marx about the "injustice" of only awarding college degrees to those who have earned them through academic achievement - declaring that all capitalist meritocracies are inherently unjust. 

So now they are seizing the crisis with both hands and doing away with standardized testing as central criteria for admissions to colleges. 

No doubt the "multi-criteria" system they intend to set up will include Party membership and conformance to correct thought as the central pillars of the appraisal. 

Welcome to the Emerald City where the Wizard simply bestows upon the worthy a diploma which in itself will guarantee that they are of superior intellect, education and value in the job market (rolls eyes). 

What they are really doing is enacting equality by subtraction - declaring that if everyone can't earn a college degree, the standards will be lowered until everyone can. Which will of course soon make a degree from any Mexifornia state college virtually worthless.

 See, employers who need the people they hire to have a college degree also generally require that they are from accredited colleges with high standards for their curriculum, not liberal diploma-mills. 

Nobody wants to hire someone with a degree from, "Joe's College".

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