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Posted by: TonicTheBard ®

03/22/2024, 20:56:50

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..Or rather the State of the Police.

Still pretty Good here. Our Cops ARE Armed, not like the BRIT police. Used to be Colt Pythons I think, now something Automatic - not sure, I haven't been arrested for over a decade now, LoL 8^) 
Only Cops and Licensed Security Guards can have hand guns, and NOT Concealed. Detectives MAY have shoulder holsters, don't know, I've only ever dealt with the Uniformed boys and girls. No Rotating No Bail  here. Shop Lifters ARE Prosecuted, for a CHOOB of Toothpaste.

Seeing terrible things from Blue States there. NYC Migrants Beat up two Cops, Back on the streets in 8 hours... That would NOT happen here. And that Guy might... Fall Down on the way to the cells a bit. Hope that's happening in the RED States there, still.

Only met one Bad, Wet, YOUNG cop - real HOON, Cap pulled down over his eyes. He was trying to be the Tough cop to Sr Officer Cary R*land (High, Cary!)'s NICE Cop, over a Possession charge. I just LAUGHED at him ( was TWICE His Size), he Left the Room, and Cary and I did the Prints and paperwork without the Little JERK there.

6 Months Later, I sent a Pair of Pink Rubber Handcuffs to the Station, with a note saying they were For that Nice Constable King, who looked Cute in his Uniform, and that I was a secret Bloke Admirer.

For Traffic Stops, Random Breath test - Stations or pull-overs - The Cops, particularly out in the Country here Have a nice Laconic WIT.
Breath Stop: "Had anything to Drink to day, Sir?" (It was 7.30am)
ME: Bit early, mate, even for ME..
COP: AH, but did ya Tie One On last NIGHT?  8^)

For Negligent Driving (overtaking over unbroken lines to get around some old **** doing 25 in an 80 zone)
COP:  "Not the BEST bit of Drivin' I've seen today..."   8^)

An Ex Cop/Detective Abuse Survivor (Lady) in Minnesota used to Run a Site for us Nuts AND Survivors (which go together like Country AND Western). She was Tough as Nails, No CODDLING, Trumps Supporter, but Mama DUck inside. Lots of PHYSICAL Illness too, wheel chair bound, on Oxygen 24//7, but was ALL about Helping Others.

She passed away May last year, got a Military Guard of Two (Air Force) to fold the flag and hand it to her Hubby, and some Veterans  outside Fired 3 Shots for her....

Any COPS here, Thank YOU for YOUR Service.

EMERGENCY in San Francisco?  "I Dunno, Call a CRACK FREAK!"...

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