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Two Tiered Justice, USA...
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Posted by: TonicTheBard

03/22/2024, 20:12:59

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Saw an Oldish Matt Walsh piece the other day..
2016 - a Black Lady posted a TWITTER, Posing as a Trump Supporter, Misquoting Election day as the 9th, not the 8th (or whatever) and Telling Folks to Avoid the Rush by VOTING Trump by txting This Number. Few were fooled, Trump WON

A White GUY Did the same thing (correct voting day tho) for Voting Hillary By Phone.

Roll on 2020, and The Biden Administration STARTS Weaponizing the DOJ.
The GUY is dragged to Court - for a Meme, that had No effect on the outcome, 4 years ago, They had a Secret Witness who "could not be named" to Prove CONSPIRACY against the Guy.

He got 7 Months in a Federal Prison.

Nothing happened to the Black Chick who did The SAME THING...

Be Vigilant, American Friends.
TONIC! 8^)

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