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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/19/2023, 01:25:05

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He was a great human being. If you didn't know, his real name was Barry Hirsh (although I am not certain of the spelling of his last name).
He will always be remembered as long as there is a Right Minds forum and ex-wives to complain about him. That last was a joke. His ex was gracious enough to be the one who informed us.

Barry chose to be very private about his last days. Nobody knew he was sick. That was obviously the way he wanted it and took great pains to that end.

I have never gotten to know anyone with a greater knowledge of firearms - and I have known some fairly bright people in that regard. Russ seems almost as savvy but Teebone was always up with the latest stuff.

Discussing firearms with Barry was like that scene in John Wick movie where he's in a weapon's shop in Italy ordering from the menu - artistry in workmanship.

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