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Loosely speaking, both the parents' and their offspring's neurosis is driven by deviate obsession with the "psychotic response to stress."
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/20/2023, 18:30:06

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In a nutshell, everyone has different ways of resolving stressful situations. Most normal people try something that has given them success in the past ands/or consult with someone with more knowledge/experience IOW they reason-out a solution using critical thinking.

People who respond to stress by trying something reckless, highly experimental, strange, unconventional or the opposite of what most are doing (deviate) are reacting in the psychotic mode of stress response. The results of the latter are invariably inferior to those of the former.

Rational thinking does not drive most to go tranny. Rather they are driven by extreme emotion to do things that are often completely IRRATIONAL (aka psychotic).

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