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HAW!! Well said - deviatism on display.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/21/2023, 01:03:55

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A conservative commentator once called the fetish for doing what is the opposite of normal "alienism". Such often express a fascination with what is hidden or concealed in life (occult) because they believe those things are more important than obvious or stipulated factors. The guilty (those who are deceptive by nature) are ever suspicious that everyone else is concealing everything.

The dislike of conservatism with some fanatics has reached a point where they will literally oppose ANYTHING that conservatives favor - so when conservatives oppose murder or even MASS murder of civilians, such lunatics will respond, "Wait a minute, maybe not in every case..."

Marxism teaches that, "...we all create our own reality moment by moment". They believe that change for change's sake is not reckless, but "necessary". They believe that stability (such as firm gender identity) is BAD!!!

Gurdjieff said that such people are, "not functional on an instinctive level" because they are like, "sleep walkers" going through life only marginally aware of or able to manage reality at any point in time. He further said that trying to "help" or "work with" such people is nigh impossible because they are not sufficiently developed psychologically to control their own behavior very well at all.

Gurdjieff said that expecting hasnamussen (cacogens) to live productive, harmonious lives is as ridiculous as expecting a sleep-walker to design and build a draw-bridge.

Some people are just not convinced that being rational in most things is a good way to live. We used to call those people "psychiatric patients" but now we call them "democrat party members".

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