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How about THIS for a stupid first name...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/26/2023, 02:33:47

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...DaRonald. Not sure of the exact spelling but it's pronounced that way. So if someone asked his name and he answered, "duh...RONALD!!" he always sounded retarded. But here's another thing - the person with that name was on a real-life crime drama (First 48)- a murder victim as I recall. Maybe that's better than continuing life with a stupid name like that...I'm sorry he's dead - but DAYAM...

But that's not the worst - I once knew a fellow with a sister named "Doilette". For those who care, that name is made up (as Daronald). There is a real girls name "Dollette" but not Doilette. See, nobody normal would name their daughter that because if they ever went anywhere people spoke French, when they introduced her, the French would believe that her name was Toilette. Imagine if you replaced the first letter of toilet with a "d". It still sounds to the ear like "toilet" because there is no word "doilet". Same for the name "Doilette". Any French person would assume someone had named her "Toilet".

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