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Scored some fancy kicks from Vietnam at the local thrift store.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/13/2023, 02:00:55

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My housemate (a Great White Shark of a shopper) likes to browse the lush grottos looking for the most delicious fish. One of the lagoons she swims is the local Goodwill second-hand store.

I have had success finding truly marvelous scores at thrift stores - years ago I found an elegant brand-spankin'-new pair of black Italian high heels in the size of a girl I was dating. She looked sensational in them and was thrilled - 'assumed I spent a fortune (I think they retailed for $200 - 'paid like $4.50). Eventually I told her where I got them, 'cause she was more into the shopping-skill than the fancy gift itself!!

So today while my housemate perused the aisles for a dress (she has lost a lot of weight and needed something to fit until we can get some of her magnificent wardrobe altered) I took inventory of the shoes. I found three pair, two casual and some walking/running shoes. I paid no attention to the brand of the casual shoes just the workmanship and comfort of the fit.

Curious, back at the ranch I checked out the shoes online (Cole Haan, Osborne Tan Oxford) online - discovered the new shoe I paid $25 for retailed for $125 BEFORE tax and shipping!! Turns out someone must have donated a new pair of Vietnamese top-of-the-line leather uppers to Goodwill so comfortable they feel like no shoe at all. Luxurious!!

That's just one pair. The other turned out to be from a French-Canadian maker (Aldo) that retail for about $100!! Paid $15.

Last, some respectable gel running shoes from Acis retail price $50.

Total out-of-pocket for all three pair was $45 w total value @ $300 plus!!

A good day's work!! A penny saved, as Benjamin Franklin said...

Many is the time I have grabbed delicious treats like that - a happy pilot fish gorging on scraps in the wake of Poseidon (my housemate) as she swims through the oceans, feasting.

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