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I see that all the time at Walmart.
Re: That's going on everywhere. There's also "quiet quitting" where employees just don't do their job but show up each day. Try calling customer service ANYWHERE -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/31/2023, 23:35:29

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Some examples are:

- Workers wearing headphones "waiting" in secluded areas, smoking cigarettes.

- Workers pretending to work - holding tools and simply pretending to work, not actually working while other workers are nearby but too busy to notice.

-Workers in secluded corners focused on their personal phones scrolling through the Net.

- Workers "slow rolling" carts, shopping baskets, pallets on jacks. Basically stop moving the second they think nobody is watching them.

All above were working at the time (Walmart doesn't allow workers to take breaks on the floor or in the warehouse. Only the break rooms or off-site.

The word is that NOBODY is ever fired unless it is an egregious violation and nobody is written up. So companies have stopped doing performance reviews and only look at the store revenue levels in assessing HR effectiveness. Retention is more important than quality control.

I never see supervisors directing crews - no direct oversight. They don't want to see what's going on so they don't have to confront the workers who are not performing.

So increasingly people who work hard are being looked at as saps, even by the companies who depend on them to make up for the slackers who do nothing and nothing else but draw a paycheck.

Socialism has arrived. Tah-DAH!!! THANKS 'CRATS!!!

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