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Amazing stupidity at Walmart - workers destroy company property with carelessness.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/29/2023, 00:48:47

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In local Walmart today watched a rack-reorganization project crew of about 12 dragging a fully-loaded display rack about 30 feet long @ 1000 lbs. across linoleum to its new anchor-point. I wondered, "Do they SEE it?" as the aluminum lip enclosing the walk-area loomed closer to the feet of the posts dragging across the tiles. WHAM!!! The whole frame rocked and nearly toppled over, rear end twisted around catching on the metal strip anchored to the concrete. Nobody steering THAT train!!

Then one of the workers was laughing his ass off about it. Great company loyalty there. The whole end-cap pegboard was nearly ripped off the metal frame, cracking/tearing the heavy sheets bolted to the frame.

It they aren't careful it will collapse on someone and kill them. The workers got right back to work though - trying to conceal the damage, as it appeared to me...

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