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Two more since last report. Most recently near Santa Anita racetrack in tawny Arcadia, CA.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/23/2023, 12:20:22

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BTW, Arcadia, CA is where Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks went to high school. Also former pop-singer-turned muzz-a-holic Cat Steven (now Yousef Islam) used to hang out and party in that area back in the day.

I lived near there for years and remember it best for a fantastic Mexican food restaurant (Anna's El Loco on First Street) - where you'd get the biggest, best carnitas burrito known to Humanity (they had a cauldron of refried beans w/o lard simmering in a huge pot). The people who worked there would wait to see if you asked for chili (jalapeno) with the burrito. If you did, they gave you a little more in the burrito as a reward for eating it correctly (MUST have the chili) and a free refill on the soda ('cause they knew you'd need it). The chili really brings out the flavor (along with a roasted green chili inside).

I never met Nicks or Stevens, but I knew that Arcadia High had some of the most beautiful young woman in the world going there. It was pretty dramatic.

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