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Lost Angeles descends further into 'Crat chaos - flash mob robberies explode - averaging one-per day.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/18/2023, 01:22:19

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There are too many incidents to list now - I think roughly a dozen ( about one per day) high-end stores have been hit by flash mobs in the last two weeks.

Roving bands of social-media-coordinated robbers consisting of mostly ethnic minorities, have exploited the defunding of L.A. city/county law enforcement. Only two people have been arrested in the most-recent swarm of looting which has cost retailers millions of dollars in losses of merchandise and lost business from frightened shoppers. There may be as many as two hundred or more different people involved in the attacks but only two (2) of the perps identified or arrested so far.

So NOW L.A.'s 'Crat mayor Bass has decided that stronger law enforcement is needed. Imagine that. She has declared that a "task force" has been assigned to try to catch up and "reduce" the attacks. So they don't even pretend that they can stop them, all they talk about is "reducing" them.

It really is Lost Angeles.

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