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The shape of nothing - death of Eightball Obama chef autopsy finds, "not a whiff of scandal". My, how...SURPRISING!!
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/23/2023, 12:04:34

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Here is what the authorities stipulate about the death of the chef:

Unaccompanied adult male in normal physical/cognitive state, normal BMI (not morbidly obese), normal functional skeletal muscling/sensory perceptions, calm water on heavily-utilized inland pond, mild windage, competent swimmer, 0% inebriation/impairment by ingested substances. No visible injuries (head, neck, limbs) to affect movement (or impair swimming capability). Non-affiliated, remotely proximate observer sees subject w/o obstruction submerge 100% without resurfacing, calls 911. Subject removed from water DOA.

So, you're a LEO evaluating the evidence - what is your first impression upon reviewing the above facts? Mine was "that's !*@*#*! strange".

How about this to achieve the same facts but by a different cause;

Agent w scuba using low bubble-emission (SEAL stealth) air-regulator + seascooter, tracks/grabs subject from below, holds underwater loosely (avoids causing bruising) until subject drowns (few minutes to black-out). Agent vacates area undetected.*

The only way to see some agent underwater near subject would be from air overhead w drone, etc. Since air vehicles/drones are presumably banned because of proximity to POTUS residence, this is a perfect crime. All that's needed to pull it off is a swimmer/assassin able to obtain/use stealthy high-tech underwater equipment and ability to enter/exit water without detection .

No evidence of assault. No evidence of contact with anyone. By all appearances/forensic examination, an accidental drowning. Perfect.

* The equipment could be dropped IN THE WATER previously, so all anyone would see is a person going into and out of the water without equipment. Nobody would notice if they popped out of the water suddenly - people would naturally assume they had simply not seen them go under. People perceive what they expect to see. That is a feature of human nature which often  makes us unreliable observers.  

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