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Five more homicides since last report - KCBS is changing the way they post information on their site...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/13/2023, 19:20:33

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...for the first time, they don't put homicides on the "important news" section of their website. You have to do a little digging now to get the number of homicides each day. Likely the 'Crats have figured out that people can monitor how horribly they are doing their jobs ( at the political level) by reading KCBS crime blotter, and have told them to stop.

The last three homicides were buried in the deeper news, not on the main headlines section any more.

Not surprising that they don't want the public to easily monitor the homicide rate in Lost Angeles, since it's climbed to record levels. It's at a steady rate of more-than-one per day (closer to two-per-day) in August so far with no signs of abatement.

Many of the homicides are by law enforcement, who are increasingly involved in OIS because the criminals know there are fewer cops on the streets and the ones who are there are overwhelmed with calls.

Welcome to Lost Angeles - magnet for violent crime, illegal immigration and rampant theft/robbery/assault in North America.

Tourism is suffering - and with the endless strike in H-Wood, Mexifornia is losing much of its "Golden State" luster. Many nations have placed L.A. on a "no-go" list for their country's vacationers because many criminals are targeting tourists now.

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