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Brother of man whose body was just found in a barrel on the beach, shot in L.A.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/05/2023, 07:38:47

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Lost Angeles is heading for another year of over 300 murders. Cops and politicians are strangely bragging about supposed "significant declines" in murder!! Number shooting victims has stayed flat. IOW, even though less people are dying than last YTD 2022 (185), 2023 (145), about the same number (more) are being shot. Total June shooting victims 2022 -(95) 2023 (109).

Doesn't seem to be much of an improvement, despite the bragging. There is on average one murder or more per day in L.A. metro area. That means in the three remaining months of hot weather (L.A. usually has six months of summer - from May-Oct) the total will climb at a rate of at least one per-day. So that means even though there are about 40 fewer homicides officially reported in L.A. compared to 2022, there are still 5 months left in the year. So if the homicide rate continues at this pace, the total will be over 300 by the end of the year.

Anybody want to bet that homicides will decline below one per day? Nope.

There were (34) homicides in L.A. in June (more than one per day). July had an average of one per day (29). August has also started out with an average of one per-day in the first week. So 2023's total is gaining on 2022's rapidly.

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