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Thanks. It happens. They let go 10% of us. My bad luck that the role I was in isn't critical in a down turn.
Re: I'm very sorry to hear that, Robert. The economy is trashed right now. I am job hunting as well. -- Ihavenoname Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Robertb

07/14/2023, 00:52:44

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I've got a staffing recruiter looking for jobs, and have applied to a few besides that. Last time I was laid off, there were 27 of us on the team that got outsourced. Only 2 of us did not end up in as good or better jobs quickly.

It did make me realize that not getting marketable credentials, in my case various technical certifications, was a mistake. Company did not stress them and I had no reason to get them since I had a 'safe' job.

It has been a learning experience, and I will not repeat the mistakes. For now, I rely on the severance they gave, and my wife's job. I am fortunate that even if I don't find something good quickly, we will still be OK. Cutbacks to be sure, but not something we will lose the house over.

Others might not be as fortunate.

In the meantime, I do an hour a day of 'household' things, including minor projects that I have put off, and 5 hours of employment tasks. Things like working on resume, planning for interviews, looking for open jobs, and increasing networking with friends and co-workers.

It is just a kick in the pants to do the things I should have been doing all along.

I am confident you also will come thru the potential hardship just fine.

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