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hah hah You are welcome but too kind, siuer! I would NEVER presume to give smart people like you or RB "advice"
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/14/2023, 02:49:18

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At best I am offering information that I have largely gathered from others or from experiences to make of it what you will.

Everyone has different strengths/weaknesses. I have been told that HR people tend to believe better employees are the ones who show a willingness to "stretch their abilities" to meet whatever goal they have (either personally or for the company).

Robert's very candid admission about his error in not focusing more on technical training to better-optimize his value is remarkably honest. Conservatives tend to be more psychologically healthy in one regard - they are often more honest about their own errors, mistakes and shortcomings than anti-conservative-fanatics ('Crats). That's likely because genuine conservatives are mentally/spiritually stronger people in every way. Only a weak mind chronically lies to itself. I've noticed dishonesty tends to expand to all areas of life, once a person permits self-deception.

The worst is when people do what psychologists call "actively defending" their neurotic detachments from reality. Such as when confronted by conflict/failure often seek to blame others and fall back on vituperation instead of being honest. That is when Satan REALLY gets excited, because mendacity is a purely Satanic habit which has little or no benefit to any human being except very short-term avoidance of anxiety (fear).

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