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Hard to say in this case, but so much SB is fully documented.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/12/2023, 19:23:32

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The "likes" accumulator is nothing of consequence really - I monitor it to amuse myself and nothing more. The numbers went back to normal though I have not heard back from my trouble-report. Maybe it was a glitch and not mischief. I may never know.

It's possible in some cases that people are using admin access authority to do things like mess with people deliberately for the same reason a dog licks its own organs of excretion sometimes - because they can. I have to believe at least some percentage of deliberate disruptions would be done by individuals rather than as policy or collective collusion. Companies who found something like that would likely not admit it - unless law enforcement or subpoena forced them - they'd simply lie about it to people like us, rather than take a PR hit.

I'll do some more checking online to see if anyone else has had similar issues with Fox or the Openweb people - hit some discussion sites and let everyone know if there's a possible larger issue.

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