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BTW the "Reverend" is not aging well. At 81, he looks 91.
Re: Cue: Teebone (imitating Jesse Jackson): (inarticulate mumbling)...wheh mah AFIRMITAH ACTIA!?! -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

07/01/2023, 17:51:25

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Jackson recently fell and was hospitalized. The decline in his physical appearance in only ten years has been alarming. I saw a side-by-side of 2013 vs. 2023 and the change is dramatic. I guess some people age better than others.

There's a guy in my neighborhood who is in his 90s. Every morning when I drove to work I saw him jogging along the street rain or shine. I spoke with someone who knew him personally and found out his age. He looks to be in his 60s or early 70s at most. Thin, wiry, muscular. He moves along at a good pace too, not slowly. Amazing difference between people like him and people like Jackson.

I doubt Jackson jogs, unless it's to his dealer or his pimp. Better get ready Jesse! Soon comes the time when all of the truth will be revealed to you - including whether you even deserve the title of "reverend" at all. God cannot be fooled nor intimidated into silence as so many who either admire or criticize you.

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