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Re: I strongly suspect the majority of people that care about "Harry and Meghan" neither care about nor understand grammar. -- robertb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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01/18/2023, 21:30:32

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Neither spelling, syntax nor grammar. And that thought has a brother...

"Anyone who does not understand mathematics is not really human." - Robert Heinlein 

Bob Heinlein would have felt like a stranger in a strange land with all of this infantile woke BS - calling knowledge itself "raciss". Latest is "experts" claiming that astrophysics is raciss. I kid you not. 

Even though, Heinlein had more patience than I with such people - he merely called them "yammerheads" or perhaps "fools" whereas I refer to them as "cacogens" (the people of the shit).  

One of the best moments of reading The Moon is Harsh Mistress was when a Luna citizen tribunal discussed jettisoning someone who touched a local female inappropriately out an airlock. heh 

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