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Even Fox News is dumbing-down English...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

01/18/2023, 11:02:30

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'Not gonna' repost the actual item 'cause it's there for everyone to see on the website if desired - the headline for the show is: "What is: Harry and Meghan?" 

Anybody else notice the issue? Increasingly people misuse plural/singular conjugation. The rule of correct English is that when referring to a single thing, the word "is" applies. When referring to more than one thing the word "are" applies. 

For example, if asking about a lost set of keys one would ask, "Does anyone know where my keys are?" Not, "Does anyone know where my keys is?" Unless one wants to sound, "street" as opposed to, "edumacated" (sic). 

So also in the case of two people "Harry and Meghan". See the word "and" in the preceding phrase is a big clue - whenever the word "and" appears between two proper names or pronounces, it should inform one that the word "are" not "is" describes them. 

Lately it's become common to see examples of this misuse  weekly. It used to be mostly in comments sections but not published on websites or in print journalism. As shown by the latest example (Fox News main page no less) it's finally become common even for so-called "professional" journalists/writers to misuse it!!

The idea that it's alright to ignore rules of English is a bad sign for our general Meritocracy. Without firm boundaries and rules, there is only...chaos. Such a thing is IMO, a legitimate case of a "slippery slope" - promulgation of the idea that there should be nothing firm or unchangeable about the civilized world. 

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