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It's sad, but life is fragile and mortal.
Re: Beck was one of the "Big 3" with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. He was 78 - it wasn't O.D. or alcohol either. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Ihavenoname

01/13/2023, 00:16:38

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I see it this way. I'm always grateful for any talented musicians like Beck, Clapton, and many more to list for their contributions to music. Each of them are unique in their own way.

Jeff Beck will be missed. Even such, his music can be preserved and listened to for others to hear. Loss is inevitable, and admittingly, hits hard for those closest and dearest to him. Unfortunately, all of us will leave Earth at some point. But still, his work will live on, and hopefully inspire others to follow him. As for people like me, I'll enjoy life as much as I can despite the bad things happening around the world.

For Eric Clapton, he recently made songs speaking out against government tyranny like "Pompous Fool" and "This Has Gotta Stop." He also spoke out against the unconstitutional vaccine mandate. I continue to be grateful for his "voice of liberty" with whatever time he has left in life.

Music is extremely broad. I don't see it as who is the most skilled, but I see it as a means of individual creative expression. Yes, each are different. But that's the beauty of music; any talented musician has their own way of expressing their musical artistry. And I happily accept who they are for what they are.

I just don't like it when it goes too far and becomes "cringe-singing," such as k-pop, rap, and anything else that makes me cringe hard. Most modern music sucks in general.

Personally, real talented musicians (or guitarists) like Beck and Clapton are disappearing and we're seeing more modern, robotic, and less talented singers instead. Some are just not good. Others make me want to plug my ears.

Just my opinion, though. People's perception and views of music (and artists) are different.

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