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Beck was one of the "Big 3" with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. He was 78 - it wasn't O.D. or alcohol either.
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01/12/2023, 18:55:59

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The Big Three are the generally acknowledged popular view with rock guitar fans, (though there are so many other players equally or more-talented/skilled in the instrument itself). Beck was IMO the most-skilled electric guitarist of the Three. He didn't co-write many songs (like Clapton and Page) nor produce records (like Page), but he was deeply-studied in his instrument his entire life -always practicing, learning, stretching horizons. He is up there with Hendrix in his ability be creative with sound - truly bringing the electric guitar into its own for the ages with help from the Beatles, John McLaughlin, Eddie Van Halen, et al.

Concerning his cause of death - sadly, he reportedly succumbed to a fairly rare form of bacterial meningitis which usually has a very good recovery rate (85%). So he was somehow in that 15% of infected who do not survive. It's a nasty germ and comes in four basic varieties and many other sub-varieties. It will be interesting to learn more about how the poor guy caught the damn bug in the first place and why they couldn't cure him.

'Horrible loss for the world and human culture.

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