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As usual, LateForLunch is correct
Re: Okham's Razor suggests that he is just an inept politician in some ways. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: robertb

01/05/2023, 20:16:38

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Before even getting into office, he had the intelligence agencies against him. His bully tactics that work in business do not play as well with groups with massive power, money, and autonomy.

His mistakes went downhill from there.
As a true political outsider, he made poor choices for powerful positions.
Career bureaucrats easily thwarted his intentions.

He knew how to get the crowd behind him, but not deal with powerful people that could ignore, impede, and slander him.

Trying to take on all of the swamp at once just united them against him.

At least he didn't start any wars during his tenure. A first in many a president.

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