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Donald Trump Was A 2016 Clinton Democrat "Plant" And He Is Still Working For The Democrats
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Posted by: RedDogRepublican ®

01/04/2023, 18:06:21

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The question is:  Why is the Republican Party leadership allowing this to happen?  Don't blame Donald Trump.  He tried to get out of it but the Clinton Democrats probably extorted him.  Had the Republican Party exposed 2016 right after Donald Trump became President in 2016 Donald Trump would be in his second term right now.

1.  GA Senate Runoff Election December 2022:

Just a few days before a critical and close election runoff, Donald Trump said that the US Constitution should be suspended and he should be made President.  Why did he do that?  The media and political outrage was extensive.  Republican candidate Herschel Walker lost the close election.

2.  PA 18 Special Election March 2018:

Democrat Conor Lamb won the special election for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District against Republican Rick Saccone on March 13, 2018, by less than half a point. The race was too close to call immediately following the election, and Saccone conceded to Lamb on March 21.

President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on the same day. Why did he do that? Rex Tillerson was in Africa at the time.  Why would Donald Trump fire Rex Tillerson when Rex Tillerson was in Africa?  The national media vituperated Donald Trump all day long. Who leaked the story to the Washington Post? Why did Donald Trump QUICKLY confirm the firing via twitter around the same time that the PA 18 polls were opening? The incumbent Republican lost by a small margin.,_2018

3.  2016 Links:

Part One - Clintons Rig The 2016 DNC Primary (Wikileaks exposed this). Democrats Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Donna Brazile all accuse the Clinton Democrats of rigging the 2016 Democrat Party Presidential nomination.

Part Two - The Clintons and RELUCTANT Donald Trump Rig The 2016 General Election


In 2014 "Crooked" Hillary Clinton was planning a run for the President in 2016 as a Democrat.  She had horrible poll numbers so she knew she needed a worse Republican candidate to run against.  "Crooked" Hillary and husband Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton concocted a plan to recruit Donald Trump to run as a Republican "plant" against "Crooked" Hillary.  Donald Trump had no knowledge or involvement in any of this.  Donald Trump was then contacted by Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton and offered a role in the election plan.  Trump smartly declined the offer.  Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton then contacted Donald Trump again in 2015 with the same offer (but this time likely with bribery or extortion).  This time Donald Trump accepted the offer.  Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton doesn't take "no" for an answer.

Donald Trump ends up winning the 2016 Presidential election because he couldn't stay ahead of Hillary Clinton's damaging Wikileaks.

Important Note: When Bill Clinton called Donald Trump in May 2015 he suggested Trump "play a larger role in the Republican Party and to focus on GOP base VOTERS."

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