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I Don't Know What The Freedom Caucus Even Is
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Posted by: RedDogRepublican ®

01/01/2023, 12:04:21

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...what I know is 75% of American voters are conservative, centrist or moderate.  Only 25% of American voters are liberal.  This is a HUGE advantage for Republicans.

The Republican Party creating the House of Representatives (HOR) CONSERVATIVE Red Dog Coalition would exploit the  HOR Democrat CONSERVATIVE Blue Dog Coalition voters as well as conservative, centrist and moderate Democrats in the Senate.

I'm not telling you anything that the Republican Party doesn't already know.

Problem:  The Republican Party would lose a lot of money.  Elections and PACs make a ton of money for Republicans.  A Red Dog Coalition would destroy the money flow.  There's not much difference between a Republican and a conservative Democrat so there's no money to be raising campaign contributions and PACs.  Again, the Republican Party already know this.  Now you know it.  The Red Dog Coalition solves America's problems.  Republicans don't want to solve America's problems.  They want to make money off it.  

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