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Re: The Republican CONSEVATIVE Red Dog Coalition Is Needed NOW! -- RedDogRepublican Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

01/04/2023, 23:27:11

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I kind of get where you're coming from but simply repeating talking points without engaging in discussion or answering direct questions is...probably not going to cut it for many on this forum.

Currently the chaos in the House with the Speaker voting is costing the Republicans politically because the optics are terrible - more stagnation caused by renown Republican fragmentation. Herding cats.

So if the result of passionate resistance to procedures in the House yields only disruption but no improvement, that is a net gain for 'Crats.

Care to respond directly to anyone's posts or are you going to continue to broadcast your views without engaging in discussion? That seems sort of "elitist" which is not a traditionally conservative trait IMO.

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