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I am convinced that most if not all of those who rioted were simply unbalanced, disturbed fools looking for an excuse to be violent.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/25/2022, 22:41:17

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The rioters all seemed to be rioting for psychological reasons, not ideological ones, so it was NOT a planned insurrection. The protest was planned, but the violence erupted spontaneously from the kooks in the midst of the peaceful protesters.


The mistakes that DJT made relative to that whole debacle were in failing to anticipate what might happen or reckon effectively with the political consequences. The trigger or opportunity for the violence was a political protest, but it was not the violoent people's motive to change anything thereby - just to "party" in their own sick way. To throw a collective "tantrum". To act out psychotic rage. 

 Machiavelli would likely have covered his face and shaken his head watching it unfold. 

In one sense, having no political experience made DJT vulnerable to making bush-league errors like that one. He failed to think strategically when he encouraged people to protest but was not energetic or clear enough about discouraging/disavowing violence. 

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