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I'm sure there were real rioters on J6, but it seemed that there were FBI implants too.
Re: People need to learn the lesson that those who rioted on Jan 6th did not - violence is the last resort of the defeated. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Ihavenoname

12/25/2022, 11:27:44

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Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but recent evidence has convinced me that some of the rioters were not real Trump supporters.

All J6 did was convince me to avoid protests all together. Yes, those who did engage in the riots were in the wrong. But, knowing how easy it is to disguise certain groups as Trump supporters, how can we tell if it's really them?

I don't know for sure. I've never engaged in a protest, and I surely will stay out of future ones.

Unfortunately, not everyone learns from the mistakes of others. Stupidity just happens. There is no cure for that.

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