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It was completely inadvertent and unintentional. My bad for not fully reading the article.
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

12/25/2022, 20:15:11

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No plagiarism intended. Admittedly, I didn't really look at the article in full until now. While I generally do support the 2A given that a citizen knows proper and responsible handling of firearms, I believe this wasn't self-defense. Yes, it's frustrating that there's a lack of support for law enforcement, but taking matters into your own hands is questionable.

There has been many cases like this where someone tracked their own stolen vehicles and held the suspect in custody until police arrived. This one is no different.

All I've seen is the person attempting to take back their stolen vehicle end up in trouble with authorities. I have never seen such cases end well for both parties.

You may not agree with me, but the 2A should be more about defending your life or others when it's gravely endangered. But stealing from others is wrong. That I agree.

The Bill of Rights doesn't really make it clear on the "rights to bear arms." But, there should be some commonsense used. To me, the individual who went to retrieve her stolen Kia should've reported the vehicle stolen and let the police handle the arrest. There should be boundaries set for when you should take matters into your own hands. You don't always know what you're doing.

I don't know if Missouri has a lack of funding for law enforcement or whether the 911 response times are slow.

People must have proper training and commonsense with handling firearms before owning one.

My previous post was not subject-appropriate nor directly related. I apologize for that. I'll have to make it a habit to actually read the article before commenting next time.

Again, this is just my opinion on this case and the 2A. I don't think people have a proper consensus on the 2A. But, I do insist that people really need to think twice about taking matters into their own hands.

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