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Boris Bogus Johnson was a corrupted UK PM
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

12/07/2022, 00:56:51

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Boris Johnson enacted dictorian COVID lockdowns, attempted to mandate the unconstitutional vaccine passports, broke his own COVID rules at 10 Downing Street known as "partygate," where he was caught red-handed partying with friends, and many of his cabinet members resigned.

There are too many other bad things to list about him, even if I'm not fluent in British politics.

He really was that bad; it just didn't happen until later into his term. I admit, I thought at first he was a decent PM, but it was when he backstabbed the British people that showed his true colors. It only got worse from there.

Now that globalist crook Rishi Sunak is the UK PM, the country will be in far worse shape than before. He has ties to the Chinese Communist regime as well.

The whole point is that the "Build Back Better" slogan is part of The Great Reset agenda.

Link (reply won't let me hyperlink):

And he congratulated our dictator as well in 2020.

Silly things he said:

"And this moment calls for a greater chance to be radical, and to do things differently, to build back better, and to build back bolder!" (Just making empty promises)

"We'll be doubling down on our strategy, we'll double down on leveling up, if you can make sense of that." (A stupid way of saying we're going to work harder to deliver our empty promises. Did he play too much video games, is that why he said "leveling up?")

"And this government calls for a plan to build 40 new hospitals! And we will!" (Yeah, sure)

This slogan has been used by Johnson, Xiden, the WEF, and other political figures. The widespread use of such slogan by many with ties to the World Economic Forum alone should've raised red flags already.

He should've changed his slogan sign on the podium he was using to "words words words." Because that's all he says; just political jargon.

The UK desperately needs someone like Maxime Bernier of the People's Party of Canada. He's one of the only true patriots in Canada left (unlike the more moderate Canadian PM Stephen Harper). Too bad the Canadian election system makes it impossible to elect him.

I wonder why many Canadians love Tyrant Trudeau so much in 2015 and ignored that Trudeau admired China's dictatorship?

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