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How is it that in a democracy (rule by the majority) governments can pander to minuscule anti-conservative minority interests at every turn.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/06/2022, 22:11:18

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No need to post the article but I noticed that San Francisco city council banned use of all police robots after a "public outcry" expressing fear. So if there is a public outcry about fear of small brown dogs, the city will ban them as well? Where does pandering to infinitesimally small percentages of society end and genuine democracy begin in places like San Francisco?

I note that liberal-dominated cities are swift to pander to any complaint from someone who wants to use government force to stop something that is politically incorrect for small minorities of far-left people, but never the other way around. The most grotesquely, intrusively offensive things leftists do to terrorize, persecute and injure conservatives and other normal people are ignored totally or in many cases promulgated, supported and reinforced by supposedly "democratic" governments even though the majority of the constituent populations poll strongly against their decisions.

One of the robots at issue was used to deliver a Claymore mine to a heavily-armed suspect who had murdered five Dallas police officers, then barricaded himself in a concrete parking structure where it was impossible to approach and stop him safely by any means except a robot.

Don't law enforcement officers have a moral right to defend themselves against blatant, vicious, wanton, murderous violence without terrible personal risk?

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