My conclusion from this was that contesting such election would be near-impossible
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12/05/2022, 14:55:35

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Now that AZ dictator queen Karen Hobbs criminally certified the unethically-conducted election, Kari Lake will probably have a difficult time getting it overturned with the corrupted judges. Just look at the evil smug on Karen Hobbsí face.

Yeah, I was a bit far-fetched in the original post. I donít know for sure if the 2004 WA governorís election was rigged, but I do know that Dino Rossi tried the same thing Kari Lake is about to do. That was my intent, to show that lawsuits has rarely worked (maybe Bush v. Gore is a small exception).

And he didnít succeed. By now, people should be aware that the legal system hasnít helped. Brazilian President Bolsonaroís party tried to file suit of wrongdoing, but it got tossed out too.

Why should I believe Kari Lake will be able to overturn this? I hope so, but nobody else except the huge supporters Kari has stood up for her.

Only good news is that AZ prop 132 passed, so that 60% of the voters need approval to raise taxes. And the AZ legislature retained the Republican majorities. Pro 309 got rigged in favor of no, because the crooks donít want fair elections.†

All this will do is buy me more time.†

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