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Eerie similarities between the 2004 WA governor's election and the botched AZ election
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

12/04/2022, 11:38:52

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I was too young to remember the 2004 WA governor's election, but that was the only time a "Republican" in WA state nearly won the governor's office in modern times.

What happened? Numerous recounts that gave unconvincing results. Accusations of election sabotage. And a Chelan County judge tossing out the election lawsuit from the WA GOP party.

Furthermore, now former corrupted WA Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) was sworn into office despite Dino Rossi not conceding on Jan 12th, 2005.

What's the implication here? Rightfully elected AZ Gov. Kari Lake will have lawsuits filed, but likely evil corrupted judge John Tuchi will toss it out, just like what happened in WA state. And evil Queen Hobbs will be illegally sworn in next month.

What a time to be angry.

Even if Dino Rossi won, he would've been another RINO like MA Gov. Charlie Baker the "hater." In fact, Rossi was accused of being a strong conservative despite running a moderate campaign.

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