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Everything seems broken and compromised
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

12/01/2022, 12:47:19

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Brazilians call for the military to stop the election theft, yet the military seems to be all talk and no action.

Rightful AZ governor-elect Kari Lake seems rather "confident" that she can still overturn the broken election and win. But things are grim, the AZ legal system is corrupt, and Arizonians appeared to have given up on stopping the corruption.

People around America seem to be giving up and accepting the coup on our freedom.

Our woke military seems to be ok with bad guys running our country.

Supporters and allies of Kari Lake like Gov. DeSantis are rather quiet.

And now, the feud between Trump and DeSantis is rumored to get worse.

Yet, many modern Americans would rather watch time-wasting cringe on evil TikTok than to express outrage like what Brazilians are doing.

Public indecency is treated as a "wonderful way to express yourself" rather than a punishable felony. Just look at Seattle, WA.

"Perversion" is being widely accepted in society and taught in our schools, and children have to learn it, despite it being morally and unethically wrong.

And employers still force you to take the COVID vaccine even though there's been proven cases of unfortunate lethal deaths from taking it.

And you're told to "shut up and put up" or you'll be labeled a right-wing terrorist despite being reasonable and sensible.

And many more terrible things are happening in our country and around the world.

No wonder Pierre Pollivere said that "everything feels broken." I hate this decade so much.

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