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Russ, we may never know, but the pieces are coming together. Elon Musk just fact-checked Hillary and linked a California publication
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Posted by: DeeDee ®

10/30/2022, 15:47:22

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claiming He was drunk in a gay bar in SF, picked up the guy, who NBC says, was in Pelosi's  bedroom, while a third person opened the door...

Gateway is reporting two fabricated right wing websites were set up on Friday claiming DePAPE  was right wing, but were taken down less than 24 hours later (after doing  their harm)

DePape's baby mama says he loved Nancy and they were both progressives but he thought he was Jesus...

Additionally, when the media posted the police photograph of the broken window, all the glass was right there laying on the outside ledge.

They never did tell us who his companion was when he had his drunken accident..... 

Yeah, sumfin ain't right here.

but Elon is allowing everyone free speech, saying 

"Comedy is now legal on Twitter." Twitter has been fun for about 24 hours.

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