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Gordon Chang is another of Fox News' "click-bait" journalists.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/15/2022, 15:28:54

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I don't really recommend reading his articles, etc. The guy is wrong more than right and clearly has an ax to grind when it comes to covering the PRC's political scene.  He wrote a book predicting that China would collapse. So far there is no sign of any collapse on the horizon. 

Just a few weeks ago Chang published articles warning that "internal military activity" inside the PRC boded ill for Xi's reappointment to lead the government. Xi won easily. 

This latest opinion - that somehow Xi's reelection etc. is a mandate for the PRC to take over Tiawan, seems strange. 

China's has consistently talked tough but shown moderation/ restraint in action on the world stage. How a so-called "expert" on the PRC's political universe could be so wrong, so often and still be employed by Fox as an "expert" makes me think maybe Fox just wants content that creates controversy (clicks on their website), not reliable commentary. 

China’s Xi Jinping grabs more power, pushing Asia closer to war | Fox News

IMO the more power Xi has the LESS likely China is to go to war over Taiwan. He seems to me to be basically a businessman trying to bring order out of chaos, not a despot intent on global conquest. 

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