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Optics in an election year. For many who don't follow politics much, it IS new.
Re: You post this as if it were something new. It is just the latest example of their malice and vice. -- robertb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

10/13/2022, 06:23:46

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This sort of thing may have a larger effect on voters than usual because of the circumstances (election year for local officials). There has finally been some movement in voting demographics with Latinos and blacks especially toward non-'Crat candidates (many have reportedly said in polls that they will vote Republican for the first time).

We'll see if blatant anti-black/anti-white racism in the city council can affect the mayoral race. The "moderate democrat party/GOP could not find a qualified Latino or black to oppose Bass for mayor, so it's unlikely they can defeat her, but Bass's deep connections to the entrenched obscenely-corrupt 'Crat machinery of Lost Angeles will be a negative more and more. Rick Caruso, also a democrat party member, has been running far behind Bass but we'll see how this plays out. Caruso is sort of an interesting candidate- he has adopted many of the more popular Republican positions while remaining a democrat party member.

The fact that Bass is black may offset some of that blowback from the scandals with the Latino council members. Identity politics is a huge factor in L.A. elections - as the voters are largely unedumacated and do not generally follow politics closely, even in election years.

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