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Google must be regulated (like the phone companies,etc).
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/03/2022, 23:07:59

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When you go to the Google search engine, enter "Newsmax", the news aggregate site that posts a lot of conservative articles/opinions, the Google information panel to the right of the screen uses far-left, anti-conservative fanatic-owned/operated web encyclopedia Wikipedia as the source.

So the description of Newsmax, a very mild site compared to say any number of equivalent sites on the leftist side, by Wikipedia is as a "right to far-right" site. Really? That is the same description Wikipedia applies to Proud Boys, the American Nazi Party and any number of other racist, deranged fringe groups with no affiliation whatsoever with any legitimate, major political movement (Republican party for instance) except what the organizations THEMSELVES claim.

No leftist firebrand sites - not Antifa's not BLM, not Occupy Wall Street, not the New Black Panthers, not even organization that include "Marxist" in their own descriptions, not even Earth Liberation Front are described as "left/far left". So according to Wikipedia and its partner in misinformation Google, leftist or far-left news aggregate services DO NOT EXIST ON THE INTERNET.

Google et al need to decide whether they are going to be companies that merely pass along information without allowing it to be distorted/changed according to ideological bias, or they are going to have to be declared an editorial company like a newspaper and lose any entitlements they would previously have enjoyed as the former.

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