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Rogue's gallery of arch-left media newsreaders gone from shows in lib media bloodbath.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/02/2022, 05:13:46

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Trevor Noah - gone - the show must go on - without his face. Ratings lost 12% annually for last seven years (-85%). I hope he dies. Deranged. Morally bankrupt. Another 'Crat sociopath-in-a-suit. 

Samantha Bee - (aka the least sexual, most unattractive person on Earth) Her show Full Frontal (LFL: uh - no thanks) cancelled along with her contract. Ratings were consistently in lowest 10% of programming for the time slot. Now, if only she will walk in front of a bus or O.D. on fentanyl...   

Add those to termination of Brian Stetler's contract, Don Lemon's humiliating demotion to morning slot. 'Quite a run on 'Crat firebrands. 

Sometimes bad things happen to bad people.

One great comment on a recent article about this, "If the network wants to keep you, they will find a place for you." I believe that is true. Which speaks volumes about the cancelled contracts.

Que: Teebone: Stinque!!  

Lemon is too high up ( connected) to be shown the door altogether, so he gets another slot - even if it's the (snicker) "grannies, nannies and unemployed," viewers' slot, but the other newsreaders are only "talent". A dime a dozen.  

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