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DeSantis on post-storm looting warns, "Florida is a 2A state" heh
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/01/2022, 03:21:52

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 Cacogens,if thou lootest, thou doth loot at thine own risk. 'Nuff said

And speaking of the 2A, Mexico had a $10 billion civil suit against pretty much every firearms maker in the country tossed by a U.S. judge. Dismissal was based on a law which " explicitly forbids suing U.S. manufacturers for producing products (like firearms) which perform their assigned function, regardless of how they might be misused later by criminals or others.

Since there is no evidence that any company which manufactures firearms has participated in any criminal enterprise/activities related to helping drug cartels obtain their products, there is no basis for the suit. 

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