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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/24/2022, 03:37:51

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The flat format is by design. It's a "fully threaded" message board. I have used several varieties and the fully threaded is my preference. 

It is common for people to have strong preferences on format and to sometime feel that a flat (fully threaded) message board is somehow old-fashioned. 

Many of the other forums I've seen have other formats (where posts may be bumped) but the fully threaded ones seem to have better quality posts, to be frank. 

Sometimes people become preoccupied with format and do not focus on content. 

It takes a little getting used to, but my own impression is that people who are more concerned with the format than the content may not be the sorts of posters who have the greatest things to contribute. 

Message boards go back to the Olden Days before everyone and their kid brother was participating in Net forums. As the formats became more and more complicated (both in software and operations) those who were used to the original flat format sometimes kept them. 

The people who started this forum are what might be called "old school" software people - IOW, they are concerned with something that functions well. In engineering (and to some extent computer science) the simplest design is often the best in many ways. 

I'd frankly rather have great members contributing than a fancy gizmo-laden format with a lot of members who do not post much of anything interesting, informative, entertaining or profound. 

This forum has the two elements I have learned are most important in a great forum - informed, mature, real people who appreciate civil discourse, and an administrator who is fair, firm and does not pussy-foot with trolls or other disruptive, excessively-vituperative members. 

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