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Cool. I'll check out those things you mentioned, thanks. BTW...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/26/2022, 00:37:36

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Bucky Fuller was a strong believer that capitalism had been and would likely remain the salvation of Humanity (when combined with moral application).

The devil is in the details.

Fuller also saw the dangers of government/corporate alliances against the best interests of the People - he predicted the AIG sub-prime mortgage catastrophe three decades before it happened.

Fuller's work informed SF writer William Gibson (Neuromancer, etc.) who believes that Humanity has already created a competitive life-form; multi-national corporations. Gibson postulates that they perform all of the functions of living things; consume, move, reproduce, defend themselves from entropy, respire, excrete, etc. Even though they function with human constituents, corporations in and of themselves only concern themselves with money - and the activities required to maintain homeostasis/dominance their domain (i.e., amoral self-obsession).

Fuller said that the fatal flaw with (Marxist) socialism is that it uses the same economic system as capitalism instead of a real-wealth based system, which requires a hyper-efficient meritocratic framework (similar to a well-run military organization), which socialism inherently makes impossible.

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